Ever since I was a boy I’ve loved early morning and dusk

The time in-between is just anticipation

Everything looks better, the sunlight coming in low across
the back yard making the shadows deep and all the colors rich

There is a softness to the light, it’s diffused and gentle as it moves
across the lawn like a dreamy thought when you’re half asleep

From mid-morning to after dinner it’s obnoxious and slaps the back
of your neck like an angry boss wanting more work out of you

But soon, and for a very short time, there is dusk

The time between doing the dishes and watching TV in bed

I like to go out and stand in the yard to meet the sun eye to eye.

It’s at my level now, moving off to bed, tired from the day

It’s best with shoes and socks off, slick blades of grass coated with
evening dew poking up between my toes

The sun holds my face in its hands and quietly says goodnight

Sometimes I sleep and sometimes I don’t, but that’s not the sun’s fault

Most days it’s up before me but I make it outside to say good morning
before it gets too high and feisty

Coming from the opposite direction, its light is beautiful, the angles
and shadows pointing to the day ahead

I wish the peace that it gives me could last until dusk

But I’m glad it doesn’t.