Lying on my back, the thin mattress offering
little comfort after the long walk in the city

The memory of the heat, so heavy and thick as
we weaved our way through the crowded streets

I replay the last hours I had with my sister, straining
to remember all our conversation. Confident that
I would see her again, I let my mind wander, regretting
now every missed word

Her disease, vicious and fast, remains undefeated

The joy of meeting my new daughter-in-law. Our bond
instant and complete, her embrace helping me heal

Tears of loss and tears of joy are both pure

I stop at the curb for a red light, in front of me a brand-new,
pearl-white Lamborghini idles, a beautifully dressed
businessman held snuggly inside

Beside it, an ancient three-wheeled bicycle piled high with
corrugated cardboard, driven by an ancient man in a
sweat soaked white shirt

The drivers, worlds apart, both with great power

Startling contrasts. Small, dark shops on the street
with aproned men cooking over open flame, serving
dumplings and skewered meats to suited women
who will eat as they walk back to their jobs

My hotel is sketchy, but the air conditioning is as raw
as the heat, raising goosebumps on my arms

The city outside the window is endless as it stretches
to the smoggy horizon

I lie there watching the evening sun meander through
skyscrapers to find its way through my curved window

It throws the edges of the cheap furniture into shadow
and highlight that makes them look better

At last falling on my face and making me squint, letting me
know that it had come a long way to find me

So, there you are. Yesterday we were together in Ohio