All the paths left behind the mower
are straight and true

It gives me satisfaction, just like you
get from the trails left by the wooden
rake in Zen garden sand

You know, around those cool big rocks…?

Our house old but solid, big compared
to where I grew up, and it’s fine

It’s a fine house for raising fine kids

Surrounded by fine old-growth trees
and old-growth neighbors

There are proper sidewalks and yellow
road signs that caution drivers to drive
slowly because there are children playing

And a bunch of fine people in the same
stage of their life as we are

So, it’s all very fine

And, if I’m being honest, my parents are
much prouder of my house than I am

“Honey, that boy was a helluva challenge
but would you look at him now…”

Parents. And all the people that doubted me

All the people that I busted my ass in college
and in my work all these years to prove wrong

Just to show them…

And you know what?

They’re all dead now

And I’ll bet they didn’t even notice.