Every day around 3:00 PM or so I think of you

The memory of your embrace slowly winding its way through the pressures of my day

You provide ease, comfort, support, and warmth, or if I need coolness, it’s just on the other side

And you want nothing in return

You release my thoughts and dreams

Setting them free to roam and take on all the colors of the day

A vast palette I’ve never seen but now I realize I can’t ever do without

Endlessly blending, becoming something new, hues that morph into words and actions, creating a blur in
my mind that suddenly and effortlessly re-focuses itself into unexpected vistas and visits from beyond

All this giving me a notion to create tomorrow with the colors that I discovered today

A completely new composition, one that is hopefully profound, interesting, and memorable

It’s that worn place right in the middle, where I seem to settle every time

I relax into this familiar spot and my breath slowly escapes, my body responds, sinking into the old mattress as I exhale
all the garbage of the day

Like clearing my neurological cache of all the junk and distractions, the extraneous keystrokes and spam

Resetting me with focus and calm

That place is where the days pause, and begin again

Every morning

And every day around 3:00 PM or so, for maybe 20 minutes

I love my pillow