Everyone is out looking for theirs

That unique part of them that all-of-a-sudden needs to be discovered


Finally heard and celebrated

A voice that lies buried beneath layers and layers of training and obedience

Then sealed with the reward of praise

Praise for your compliance

Praise for embracing your duty

To a system and ideal that you were born into

There’s a good boy

There’s a good girl

Sit in identical desks in rows organized in alphabetical order, laid out in
a proper grid in a square room

Turn in your work, name in the upper right, on the specified paper,
based on research done from the same books in the same library

Everything pre-approved, vetted, no threat here

Gym class line up from tallest to shortest, same shorts and same tops,
let’s go now everyone on three…

Standard tests with standard goals all approved by an elected board
of standard adults creating copies of themselves because that’s what
they understand

They’re not threatened by copies

Copies are the goal

That’s what works

That’s what America wants

That’s what America needs

Because I said so, Mister

But now, with our backs against the wall, what America desperately
needs are ideas

Unfettered original thinking that ignores the committee-approved “norm”

One’s that feed on what is irreverent and unsavory that will birth
new solutions

Solutions that are pure, and real, and beautifully simple

So, revisiting the spirit and summoning the grit that founded our great
country, here’s the real question I have to ask, Mister Board Member:

What are you afraid of…?