Much is being made about what lives matter

Using a system that’s color based

Much like a Pantone Matching System for humans


A system of color chips that determine your place in society


For life


One that accurately predicts your chances of an unnatural death


Deep, saturated colors of despair with few highlights of hope


Mixed with the horrors of deep-seated conflicts 400 years in the making

Words of hope on banner and board, brilliant colors with promise of healing

and resolution that might come today


Please… why not today?


Colorful threads woven into the fabric of our everyday




In the world


It’s the one thing we all have in common


Every country, every culture has their tartan, their homespun,

their weave generations in the making


Too much pigment in your skin

Or, too little


Too much eyelid, nose or hip


Too much fill-in-the-blank


Though all the proper words have been spoken from pulpit and podium


And all the proper words have been in newspapers and blogs


Still, so many have not read or heard

Still, the old coding in minds and hearts wins the day


Being so comfortable and committed, the shawl woven by their tribe

wrapped tightly around their shoulders


This is their reality and their truth


As long as there is a different thread woven into the row below them


Dragging on the ground, frayed and filthy with the daily wear


Until it gets to them.